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DJ Khaled Looking Forward to His First Child


ABC/Randy HolmesDJ Khaled prefers to keep his love life private, but now that it’s been revealed that his girlfriend is pregnant, he’s not shy about saying he can’t wait to be a father for the first time.

“It’s a super blessing,” he tells The Source for the magazine’s new cover story. “The word got out and I knew it would, because I’m super excited about it. God is great. It’s my first child and I’ve always wanted kids.”

Khaled is proud to say that his baby boy or girl will definitely be born with a “silver spoon.”

“I’m going to spoil them so much,” he boasts. “I’m going to give them the world. Some people are against that but I’m like, spoil your kids man…Show them joy, so much joy, nothing but joy. And when they grow up they will have a ‘joy’ mentality.”

The DJ’s significant other, Nicole Tuck, is three months pregnant, and expects to give birth in the fall. She’s a fashion stylist who lives with him in his Miami mansion. Khaled says marriage is a possibility, but regardless of their legal status, they will always be a couple.

“I told my girl we’re gonna be together forever,” he says. “I told her give me your heart and I’ll give you mine, and let’s not drop it.”

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