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Cordae’s mission is to make NFTs affordable for his fans


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As many artists release ultra expensive NFTs, Cordae is making sure his NFTS are affordable for his fans.

Last week, the “Gifted” rapper debuted his first NFT collection titled “IDENTITY,” a collaboration with designer Shaylin Wallace, which sold out in less than a minute.

“In general, I like to think into the future,” Cordae tells Hypebeast. “Learning and doing research, NFTs were definitely something that caught my interest.”

The two-time Grammy nominee wanted to keep the price reasonable. Each of the 5,555 IDENTITY NFTs is priced at $55.

“I’m not one of these people that’s trying to just come in and, you know, bleed out the community,” Cordae said. “The NFT space has its own ecosystem, its own community. To be a part of that is something that’s huge for me. To just enter into space with open arms.”

With Wallace, he created a series of graphic pop-art images inspired by his fashion style, with each NFT featuring a faceless rendering of Cordae in a different outfit.

“A lot of these NFTs are based upon my earlier style, around The Lost Boy era,” Cordae explained, referencing his 2019 debut album. “Like the OG hair colors and the things I used to wear, like vests all of the time.”

Cordae is considering releasing new music as NFTs.

“There are so many different aspects and possibilities in NFT space that are really exciting,” he says.

Cordae is continuing his concert tour promoting his new album, From a Bird’s Eye View. He will perform Monday in Chicago, Tuesday in Minneapolis, and the tour continues through March 19 in Sacramento, CA.

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