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Ciara reveals the things on her Christmas wish list


The countdown to Christmas is underway. With just five days remaining until the gift-giving holiday, Ciara has shared some of the things on her wish list this year.

“I feel so blessed. You know, just I think love is really the ultimate thing on my list,” she tells ABC Audio. “I actually made a fun version of … my song ‘Better Thangs,’ a Christmas version, so people can look out for that, as well. … there’s a couple of things I list in the song that I’m, like, I would like to have, but honestly, just love and time with my family. My heart is full. I’m content. That’s all I need.”

Ciara’s family consists of her three children and football player husband Russell Wilson. Since it’s the holiday season, she plans to continue an annual tradition that helps teach her kids the importance of giving back.

“Well, every year what we’ve done … is we ask them [what] toys they want to give away because our kids are so blessed, they have way more than we had growing up,” she says. “And so they actually get excited about taking out old toys to give to someone that needs toys and to make space for new toys.”

The tradition, she adds, “is a part of keeping them humble, you know, because you have to remind them there’s so many kids that don’t have what they have and that are in great need.”

“And so there’s things like that that we do … it’s really sweet and really, I think, really necessary to keep them grounded, keep them levelheaded, and remind them they are so blessed,” she continues.

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