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Cardi B asks judge to permanently ban blogger Tasha K from posting about her


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Cardi B is asking an Atlanta judge to permanently ban YouTuber Tasha K from posting about her on social media, according to Billboard.

Cardi B, whose birth name is Belcalis Almánzar, recently won a nearly $4 million defamation lawsuit against Tasha K, whose birth name is Latasha Kebe, after the blogger posted social media videos containing shocking claims about the rapper, including that she had contracted an STI.

“Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM,” the rapper said in a tweet after she won in court.

The Twitter post could have been a hint at what she’s now seeking in court. In the new filing last week, Cardi asked the judge to impose a permanent injunction, which will force Tasha K to remove any slanderous content from the internet.

“Plaintiff filed this action because defendants refused to stop targeting her with harmful and disgusting lies,” Cardi’s attorneys wrote, according to Billboard. “Damages alone are inadequate to address the constant ongoing threat of defendants repeating the defamatory statements [and] defendants have explicitly said that they will continue publishing the defamatory statements unless an injunction is issued.”

Throughout the entire process, Tasha K has stood firm in fighting back against Cardi and her team.

“This trial was purely sympathy and payola to protect corporate interests,” Tasha K said in a statement on her YouTube channel.

According to the report, Tasha K is expected to file an appeal.

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