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“Bromance” Dennis Rodman, Kanye West and Kim Jong-Un 3 way?


Dennis Rodman said he wants to take Kanye West on his next trip to North Korea to see Kim Jong-Un and if he wants to make an albulm while he’s there “he can see whats going on”. Kanye West recently shouted out Rodman as one of his “biggest inspirations”, so Dennis Rodman wanted to thank him. Rodman believes they have similar views and respects Kanye because “he’s doing amazing work around the world”, he hopes they can one day get together and collaborate. Rodman even went as far as making a video on twitter telling Kanye he loves him, his work and Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian, Rodman invited Kanye to do a track together since they are both about world peace and they are both “Leaders of Love”, Rodman tweeted “Let’s make History”.

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