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Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together?

Word on the street is that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together!!! According to a woman that was in the studio with Chris while he was on Face Time with RiRi said that were talking like they where still together. The insider also goes on to explain that RiRi wants to take it slow… Read more »

Rihanna Caught Snorting Cocaine!!??

I hope this isn’t what it seems but Rihanna was recently filmed what is believed to be snorting cocaine while on her luxury tour bus. In the video it looks like RiRi and her friends where having a good ole time and you could see Rihanna sit in the corner playing playing with her nose.

Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Back Together??

Recently Chris Brown has given a number of interviews where he talked about being in love with Rihanna and how he wish things could have been different. Well word on the street is that Chis and RiRi are communicating again. A matter a fact one of Chris’ close friends said that Chris and Rihanna were… Read more »

More Proof That Rihanna Is Pregnant

Early this week it was said that LEONARDO DiCARPRIO was RiRi’s baby daddy right, well the evidence has hit the net. Look at the before and after pics of the back of Rihanna’s leg. The first pic was taken late last fall and the second pic show that Rihanna has come down with a case… Read more »

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Dating Rihanna?

Uh Oh!! I don’t think Chris Brown is going to like this, word on the street is that Rihanna is dating Leonardo DiCaprio! That’s not it, he could be her baby’s father too!! This is what MediaTakeout is reporting: TOLD YOU GUYS that Leonardo DiCaprio was dating Rihanna . . . and that they… Read more »