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Tyga Impregnated Kylie Jenner?

Word on the street is that Kris Jenner leaked a story to OK MAGAZINE that Kylie is pregnant. Check Out what they are reporting: Kylie lost her virginity to her 25 year old rapper boyfriend Tyga. “Now”, the source says, “we’re hearing she’s expecting a baby with him too. It’s insane.”

Karrine ‘SUPERHEAD’ Steffans Claims That She is Pregnant

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has a new book about to hit the streets, and a story about her being pregnant is in the book. Now this my be hard for some to believe or swallow (no point intended) but she implies on Instagram that the father of the baby is Lil Wayne!!!

Kanye & Kim Are Expecting Another Child?

Oh My!!! Word on the street, Kanye and his wife Kim are another child. Sources are saying that they are trying to be quiet about the news right now. Now According to OK! Magazine this what sources are telling them: “She’s pregnant. I’ve heard that she’s passed the 12-week point, but that she and Kanye… Read more »

Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant!!! Guess Who The Baby Daddy Is!!!

Word on the street is Nicki Minaj is pregnant, now sources are saying this is not a rumor, it’s a FACT!! People close to Nicki said that on Sunday night at the Chris Brown concert Nicki didn’t drink any alcohol and was sucking on lollipops designed to stop nausea in pregnant women. One reliable insider… Read more »

More Proof That Rihanna Is Pregnant

Early this week it was said that LEONARDO DiCARPRIO was RiRi’s baby daddy right, well the evidence has hit the net. Look at the before and after pics of the back of Rihanna’s leg. The first pic was taken late last fall and the second pic show that Rihanna has come down with a case… Read more »

Leonardo DiCaprio Is Dating Rihanna?

Uh Oh!! I don’t think Chris Brown is going to like this, word on the street is that Rihanna is dating Leonardo DiCaprio! That’s not it, he could be her baby’s father too!! This is what MediaTakeout is reporting: TOLD YOU GUYS that Leonardo DiCaprio was dating Rihanna . . . and that they… Read more »

Did Beyonce Hint At Another Baby?

The internet is going crazy right now!!! Now there’s a chance Beyonce is going to have another child. Why you said that you may ask? Well, Beyonce posted a new pic on Instagram with her buried in the sand with Blue Ivy sitting next to her and around her stomach, you can see a little… Read more »

Queen Latifah Pregnant?

Uh Oh the streets are talk and there’s rumor currently on Twitter that Queen Latifah is pregnant with her first child. According to post the former daytime talk show host is currently carrying a kid and showed off her preggo belly on the red carpet. Now, I know this is hard to believe by many… Read more »