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What?!? ‘Scarface’ remake in the works


Photo Cred: Official Scarface The Movie Facebook Page and Universal
So I’m scrolling down one of my favorite sites seeing what happened to day while I’ve been running around getting ready for my trip to #SXSW tomorrow (Work 6 jobs and I GET TIRED)and it then it happened. My eyes got big and a smile popped on my face. A title reading ‘Scarface’ Remake set in Los Angeles. Apparently a script has already been in the works by a credible screenwriter and now they are adding the screenwriter from ‘Straight Outta Compton’ in the mix.

For the full low-down on this story with a lot more detail, look up and click on where it says they got all the info or you can check The Scarface Movie facebook page, their is an article posted on their timeline.

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