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Top 10 Hip Hop Diss tracks of all time


10.Backdown -50 Cent (Diss Ja-Rule)
9. Lost Ones -Lauryn Hill (Diss Wyclef Jean)
8. Kick In the Door- Notorious B.I.G. (Diss Nas)
7. The Bitch in you- Common (Diss Ice Cube)
6. The Bridge Is Over- KRS-One (Diss MC Shan, Marley Marl,)
5. Nail in the Coffin- Eminem (Diss Benzino, The Source Mag)
4. Dre Day- Dr. Dre & Snoop (Diss Eazy E)
3. Takeover- Jay Z (Diss Nas, Prodigy, and Everybody in the game)
2. Ether- Nas (Diss Jay Z)
1. Hit Em Up- (Diss Notorius B.I.G.)

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