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Greatest Concert Ever? Beyonce + Jay Z + Prince and more


Sweet Baby Jesus! Check out this concert line-up.

Beyoncé x Jay Z x Prince x Usher x Lil Wayne x Nicki Minaj x Ti x Damien Marley x Fabolous and many more!!!

In celebration of Tidal going Platinum (Reaching 1,000,000 Subscribers)

The Tidal X concert will be held on October 20th at where else buy Barclays Center, “The House that Jay Built” (well not really, he didn’t have that type of bread but His name is what made it possible). You can watch the concert around the world if you are a tidal subscriber. I think the first 30days are free like when I signed up then it goes to your choice of $9.99 (Like Spotify) or $19.99. It’s worth it and the best streaming site out, go check it out and Tidal cut your boy a check for all these plugs I’ve been busting lol.

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