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Did Boosie Crew & Kevin Gates Crew get into it?

Lets keep it real! I see Boosie and I see Gates but I don’t know any of these people fighting. Hip-Hop blogs saying that it’s they entourage getting into it but that could be anybody from the event. News outlets are playing it like its Boosie vs Gates but I ain’t saying that at all…. Read more »

Kevin Gates got married! Congrats

Check out the video below of Mr and Mrs Gates celebrating after the ceremonies with the family. Her name is Dreka and she is the mother of his children and they are happy now don’t try to break them up messy reporters. The best thing I ever did A photo posted by Kevin Gates (@iamkevingates)… Read more »

Kevin Gates Charged w/ Battery for kicking fan

A lot of people didn’t like the way Kevin Gates reacted after a lady fan tugged his shorts a little while on stage performing. No really, he losing fans. Some people like my self got a little chuckle out of how it went down. I don’t agree with it at all, but I just wasn’t… Read more »

Kevin Gates Field Goal Kicks a fan for touching him.

Okay maybe I shouldn’t be laughing but I can’t stop. “And they line up for the extra point, Theirs the snap and the kick is good”. Listen ladies, the dude has stated over and over again with his words and his fists now he’s using his sneakers, do not grab him when he is on… Read more »

#FreeMixtape: Kevin Gates “Murder for Hire”

The last time we heard from Kevin Gates he was shutting the game down with his “Luca Brasi 2” album. Out of nowhere the homie decided to drop a new 7 song mix titled “Muder for Hire” for free download. Grab your free download below the picture. Hosted by @djholiday #bwa #idgt out now #idgt… Read more »

Dude swings at Kevin Gates for kissing his girl

Light jab, it aint really do much. Barely look like it landed. What happened after the clip when the security got involved is the question? I’ve seen Kevin Gates security and one of them look like a Navy Seal. Anyways got get the Homie Kevin Gates new album on iTunes! #IDGT (video belongs to VladTV)

Shots Fired: Kevin Gates vs Young Thug (Video)

So rappers threaten each other through Instagram videos now? You could’ve spit a 16. Okay so all I gathered from this exchange is that Kevin Gates is mad because Young thug won’t answer the phone. I think its more to that, but I can’t get over people making threats on instagram or social media period…. Read more »