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J. Cole vs Lil Wayne “The Rumble In December”

Last year J. Cole made a strategic move by releasing his album “Born Sinner” on the same day as Kanye West. It was highly publicized and great promo. His album even out sold Kanye’s album but (Ye definitely won when it came to the end of the year lists for best albums.) Which brings us… Read more »

1st Look at Aaliyah Biopic Right Here! (Video)

Like many I can hardly wait to see how this turns out, and I hope it is good because I love me some Aaliyah. Being a 80’s baby coming up in the 90’s and graduating in the mid 2000’s, it was common to walk in any room, boy or girl, and see a poster of… Read more »

Grambling vs P.V. and LaTex2k14! Find Your Pic.

Where you at the game? Did you miss the Battle Of The Bands? The $1,000 Nae Nae competition? Where you at the afterparty? Find your Pic right now. K104 Baby!

(DIY) Todays Hustlers Motivation, How Bad do you want it?

As the century turns and we dive deeper and deeper into the 2010’s, new ideas will emerge that will keep us protected, fed, entertained, healed and educated. The truth is that it’s me and you that have these ideas. The world is dependent upon or imaginations, now lets turn these ideas to reality. Don’t wait… Read more »

Hot National + Local Bangers (9songs you Need)

Here is 9 bangers National and Local that were making noise in the month of May that you need in your playlist. Download now. 1. Big K.R.I.T. – MT. Olympus 2. Lil Wayne x Drake – Believe Me 3.Blue, The Misfit x Slim Gravy x Sam Lao – All Systems Go (DFW Artists) 4. Usher… Read more »

Did You Miss the SchoolBoy Q Show?? Watch This!!

The Schoolboy Q show was sold out and turnt to the max. Running through all his fan favorites from previous projects and his number 1 album “Oxymoron” (in stores right now) Schoolboy Q proved that he is a King In Dallas and I’m taking you inside the show so you can feel like you are… Read more »

Is Young Thug The First Openly Gay Thug Trap Rapper?

This instagram posts clearly says “My Love Home Now Punks…Love at First Site…”   I think dude is into dudes. And if he is, oh well, the music is good and people are already rocking with him. The Him that I speak of is Gucci Mane’s artists Young Thug, the Atlanta Rapper known for his… Read more »