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#New: Drake featuring Beyonce “Can I” snippet

Drake teases us with a snippet of a new and unreleased song featuring Beyoncé titled “Can I”. No further details on release dates, videos, etc. But I’m pretty sure this will pop up on Drizzy’s new album “Views from the 6” later on this year. Check out the 22 second Clyp.

Beyonce signed these teenagers for $1.5 Milli

Cash the check and let your boy hold something. I just read on that Beyoncé is in full boss mode signing some new teenage employees to record music under her imprint Parkwood Entertainment. The Bailey sisters, Chloe (17) and Halle (15), inked the deal to join the Bey Hive for a cool $1,000,000 and… Read more »

Twerk Sumptin: Beyonce New Video “7-11”

Yep, this video live. Yep, she twerkin! Yep, her dancers is too. Black, White, Spanish, and Asian hotties. Yep, Im watching it again. Yep! Beyonce’ New Video “7-11” watch now!

What did Jay-Z do for Beyonce’ on her B-Day??

So the rumors about Jay and Beyonce’ divorcing have calmed down since the MTV-VMA’s. Good, because that was getting annoying. But you know it wouldn’t be long before this power couple popped back up on the Web with something to talk about and this time it’s positive and factual. Jigga Man made a special video… Read more »

Top 10 Most Searched Artists on Google in 2013

So who is the most searched music artists on google in the United States?? Well here is the Top 10 with a little commentary. 10. Kanye West-  Who else could go to WAR with Nike?? Kanye dominated headlines in 2013 spazzing out at shows with long sometimes ridiculous speeches but most of them very informational… Read more »

“Drunk In Love” Behind The Scenes with Beyonce’

Okay so this is probably my favorite Beyonce’ song, the video is on point, the beat is banging and I’ve had many nights after a bar where I can relate LOL.  This video takes you behind the scenes to the song being made and the video, it looks really fun in that studio with all… Read more »

Beyonce’ Breaks Record after Record with New Album

It’s fair to say that we have never seen anything like this happen in music ever. It’s also fair to say their has never been a artists like Beyonce’ ever as well. Her self titled 5th solo studio album is the number 1 album in the country after a unexpected release 5 days ago. Now… Read more »

Jay-Z and Beyonce Join Trayvon’s Mom at NYC Rally

Guess who popped up at the “Justice For Trayvon Rally” in New York City? Jay-Z and Beyonce joined Trayvon’s mom  and Reverend Al Sharpton to show their support for the cause. This is apart of Rev. Al Sharton’s attempt to have a 100 rally’s in 100 cities. Fan’s of  Jay-Z and Beyonce as well as… Read more »