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The Beyhive is after Madonna!

Madonna made a big mistake on instagram, She uploaded an image from Beyonce and Jay Z’s new albulm but changed all the art work to Madonna’s albulm covers and captioned the picture “Learning from the Master” Beyhive came after Madonna making her change the caption multiple times. This should be a lesson learned… #Madonna made… Read more »

Inside The Mind of Jay Z ! In depth Interview

In a lot of eyes, and I do mean A LOT, Jay Z is considered the Greatest Rapper to ever do it and if not the greatest he’s close. Now you may agree you may think his music is just aight but what you can’t deny is the continued success and admiration from millions of… Read more »

2016 BET Award Nominees are Here!

These are your 2016 BET Award Nominees and who I picked to win. Drake leads all nominees with 9. Beyoncé and Rihanna have 5. Best Female R&B/Pop Artist Adele Andra Day Beyoncé K. Michelle Rihanna (Chris Cole pick: Adele, I mean she sold like 2 million in the first week. That’s insane.) Best Male R&B/Pop… Read more »

Jay Z and Blue Ivy do the Kid and Play dance Backstage

Said it once and I’ll say it again! I know you like Beyoncé’s new album but don’t get hyped up and end up mad and salty listening to Lemonade lonely while Beyoncé still got her man. Check out Jay and Blue Ivy doing a father toddler rendition of the Kid and Play dance. Jay and… Read more »

Drake x Beyonce “Can I” full version

Teased 4 months ago, the full 2minute version is here. Not much from Beyonce, just some “Can I” and “Baby” but the voice is so sexy and recognizable who gives a ____. Maybe a even longer version when Drake drops his anticipated album “Views From The 6” this year? It’s possible.

Greatest Concert Ever? Beyonce + Jay Z + Prince and more

Sweet Baby Jesus! Check out this concert line-up. Beyoncé x Jay Z x Prince x Usher x Lil Wayne x Nicki Minaj x Ti x Damien Marley x Fabolous and many more!!! In celebration of Tidal going Platinum (Reaching 1,000,000 Subscribers) "Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists" Tidal is platinum. 1,000,000 people and… Read more »

Watch Beyonce perform tonight (Made In America Fest) You see that link up there? Yeah you click that and you sign up to join Tidal. Its free for the first 30days you can cancel before then if you want. Beyoncé and many more are performing at the Made In America Festival and you can watch it all day today and tomorrow for… Read more »

Beyonce making black history in the month of September

The rumors were true. Beyoncé is the cover star of the September issue of Vogue. — Nico Bellay (@IAMFASHlON) August 13, 2015 The Vogue September cover is arguably one of the most if not “The Most” coveted cover to be featured on in the fashion world. Beyoncé will be the first Black female artists… Read more »