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#ShotsFired: 50Cent vs RickRoss, this isn’t good.

When kids get involved, it is no longer a rap competition, it usually escalades to a real beef. So this is what happened. 50 Cent was doing what he does on IG which is usally trolling rap rivals as see you below. When yal gonna get the chain back man ☕️ LMAO. I Know you… Read more »

Top 10 Hip Hop Diss tracks of all time

10.Backdown -50 Cent (Diss Ja-Rule) 9. Lost Ones -Lauryn Hill (Diss Wyclef Jean) 8. Kick In the Door- Notorious B.I.G. (Diss Nas) 7. The Bitch in you- Common (Diss Ice Cube) 6. The Bridge Is Over- KRS-One (Diss MC Shan, Marley Marl,) 5. Nail in the Coffin- Eminem (Diss Benzino, The Source Mag) 4. Dre… Read more »

#ShotsFired: Rappers diss homies in old tweets

Rappers talking slick on twitter isn’t a new thing. Anything for the retweet. But a lot of these artists old tweets before they blew up about their current bosses or friends in the game have surfaced and well… you know its that old saying, “I Bet You want say it to his face”. Does this… Read more »

Shots Fired: Webbie reminds 50 Cent he’s “Serious”

50 Cent owes Webbie 1 Million dollars based on a bet they made during a boxing match a while back. Long story short, Webbie’s homie won, and 50 Cent hasn’t paid up. Webbie has already spoke on this issue on TMZ a couple months back but now it’s on wax. And he is not threatening… Read more »

Need a Laugh? Watch 50 Cents 1st Pitch at Mets Game LOL!

Get Ready To laught Wow this is bad, especially right before your album drops. 50 Cent is that dude. One of the greatest and most successful we have seen thus far but, I mean, well, you just gotta for your self this is bad!!! (Im Still getting the Album Tho!) Pictures courtesy of