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#ShotsFired: Troll gets at T.I. daugther & The King responds!


What is wrong with people now and days. The blatant disrespect that even I would go out of character and respond to this fool on social network for the world to see if he did this. Man you can clearly see T.I. in a picture with his daughter who is obviously under the legal age. And you got the nerve to say “What that Mouf Do” and tag the father when you do it. Is you trying to see the maker before judgement day?? And you can miss me with the “use correct grammar” I aint no English teacher and this is Trill spill. That is something you just don’t do. That is a father with his daughter. Check out how the King responded to this (___________). Use your imagination, Fill in the blank.

You’ll Have to scroll a lil to see what exactly what was said but hey… you get the point I hope!

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