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Rondo is done with the Mavs! Are you happy?


Rondo is done with the Dallas Mavericks. Out for the playoffs with a back issue. Rick Carlisle has acknowledged that he doesn’t expect Rondo to play in a Mavs jersey again and quite honestly, who does? Before the Rondo trade the Mavericks was #1 in offensive efficiency, after the trade of course that slacked because of lack of chemistry but no one thought that the chemistry would never click. We all hoped that Rondo would do some spectacular playoff stunts despite the downhill play of the Mavs after the trade but all that is over now.

I expect for the Mavs to play better in these next two home games and I wish we still had Jameer Nelson and Brandon Wright, (I think we would be the #2 seed if we would’ve kept them.) but it is what it is and that’s all that it is.

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