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R. Kelly & Trey Songz! Will it happen?


R. Kelly did a recent interview where he was talking about his production and songwriting collaborations with Michael Jackson and many more and he was asked is their anybody he hasn’t worked with that he would like to collaborate and produce for “I see what they are trying to do and I know exactly how to do it and I just want to help take it there.” said Kells then this happened..

Believe it or not one of the people I’ve always wanted to work with is….. I would take Trey Songz, tie him up and give him what it is he is trying to do, a whole album!”

After hear random chants from the crowd of do it Kells then said “It’s all about timing and I’m at my best when I’m wanted and I’m incredible when I’m needed.” Trey Songz go ahead and reach out to one of the guys that has inspired you man. A Icon recognizes a legend in the making and I need some new music to do it to. Ya Dig!!!

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