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#OMG: Russell Westbrook may be best in the league


Dude, how many more time’s can we sit here and look at this guy destroy every player that stands in front of him year after year and not at least bring him up in the conversation. This is his fourth tripled double this season with 49 points 16 rebounds 10 assists. And it’s not the numbers he puts up, it’s how he puts them up and guess what…. wait for it…… HE IS ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER. Sure you may argue he’s not the best player in the league(1st,2nd,3rd,4th you choose) but he is def the most explosive, un-guardable player in the league and surely making a case for MVP this year. When he is out of the line up, their win percentage is .500 or under even with KD. With just Russell they doing alright without many pieces around him.

Let me just put this out their Stephen Curry is thbe best shooter and my Favorite player! But the most dominant player in the game today is Russell Westbrook, and the best scorer in the game is Kevin Durant, the best all-around player is Lebron James. The only fact in all of this is that, Oklahoma City Thunder have the best one-two punch in the game period and you can not disagree with that. Imagine if James Harden would’ve stayed with the Thunder. Will Russell stay with the Thunder tho? At the end of the day, it’s still #MAVSNATION

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