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Is Young Thug The First Openly Gay Thug Trap Rapper?


This instagram posts clearly says “My Love Home Now Punks…Love at First Site…”   I think dude is into dudes. And if he is, oh well, the music is good and people are already rocking with him. The Him that I speak of is Gucci Mane’s artists Young Thug, the Atlanta Rapper known for his street anthems “Stoner” and “Danny Glover”.  Even tho he hasn’t made a public statement about whether he is or not, He may very well be the first Known Gay Thug Trap Rapper.

To me personally this shouldn’t even be a problem, especially in this day and age, if you make good music, play sports, whatever you do, DO YOU! If I don’t have to make a announcement that Im Straight, why should anybody have to make a announcement that they or Bi, or Gay?

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