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Hey Drake! Kendrick Lamar heard your subliminal disses


Let’s take it back from the jump. Kendrick Lamar woke up Hip-Hop with his verse on Big Sean’s “Control” stating that he respects all of his peers but he wants to be the best in the game. Friendly competition right? Wrong… Drizzy didn’t like it.

Drake seemed pretty upset in some radio interviews and then this happened.

So it was quite quiet after that and then they were seen in a photo together like it was all good. Then Drake dropped “If your reading this it’s to late” and took some shots on this track.

He didn’t forget about that “Control” verse. “”They gon’ say your name on them airwaves/ They gon’ hit you up right after like it’s only rap.” in the track “Used To” and referring to K. Dot’s “Money Trees” track with “”I got a backyard where money seems to come from trees.” in the “6pm in New York” track.

But wait, it appears that Kendrick was speaking on Drake’s ghostwriter Quentin Miller before Meek Mill was in “King Kunta” when he said “I can dig rapping, but a rapper with a ghostwriter, what the F%&k happened?”

Which brings us to today, Dr. Dre “Compton” album, 16 years in the making dropped and in the cut “Deep Water” K. Dot begins it with “Mother F*%$ers Know I started from the bottom” then spits “They liable to bury him/They nominated six to carry him/They worry him to death but he no vegetarian/The beef is on his breath inheritin’ the drama better than a Great White/Nigga, this is life in my aquarium!” And on “Darkside/Gone” he makes it really noticeable “You scared of my heist now/But still I got enemies giving me energy/I wanna fight now/Subliminals sending me all of this hate/I thought I was holding the mic down”.

Hey man, this is like Lebron and K.D. in the rap game right now and they will be playing one on one until they retire. Not sure if either one want those problems with Hip-Hop’s Steph Curry, Mr. J. Cole. In my Jay Z voice “It’s only entertainment”, nobody gotta get hurt.

One Response to “Hey Drake! Kendrick Lamar heard your subliminal disses”

  1. Desha

    Baby mama just salty because she can’t take Luda to court every month and say she needs more money not the baby but she need more money. Just reflect on all the child support drama of celebrities its always the baby mama says she needs more money. I don’t think Ludacris is trying to get out of paying child support, think its the point of paying the child support to the baby mama and not knowing if the baby mama will spend the money on the baby or will she spend the money on herself. Because I think it is rather ridiculous
    that they have to pay all this money a month, for example $25000.00 a month for an infant, what is this small child need that cost that much money. Come on now a regular baby daddy pays $300 or less. I understand that courts are looking for the child to be able to live the luxury like if he or she celebrity parent is living, but as a baby they don’t know what that is. All celebrity parents need to do while the child is a small baby is make sure baby has food, pamper, a roof over their head that the mother can afford, and clothes and shoes. Not make sure the baby mama has a new and million dollar house she can’t pay for, because once that child get old enough that million dollar house and expensive car this greedy heffa bought is actually the child’s and she need to give it up and move on.