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Forget dance moves, Ciara shows off vocals in acoustic vid


(picture via Ciara Official Facebook page)
Ciara isn’t really known for a vocals or should I say, respected for her vocals as she should be. Every time she drops a album she has a hit in rotation across the country. So what is it?

I’ve never heard her mess up a note performing live with all that dancing she does (Love when CiCi dance). This acoustic version of her new track “I Bet” tho! The emotion put behind it (I’m guessing because of the recent break up) seems like she’s coming from a real place, kind of like the song “I’m Sorry” she dropped awhile back and that was dope too. And I can’t forget the bedroom episodes with “Body Party” on. Okay, maybe that previous line is a bit much but you get the point.

Nope she isn’t a Mariah or Whitney but then again, who is? She’s Ciara! Keep cranking out those hits ma and congrats on being a mom.

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