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Did Boosie Crew & Kevin Gates Crew get into it?


Lets keep it real! I see Boosie and I see Gates but I don’t know any of these people fighting. Hip-Hop blogs saying that it’s they entourage getting into it but that could be anybody from the event. News outlets are playing it like its Boosie vs Gates but I ain’t saying that at all. But it’s somebody and something going on at this concert in Kentucky. You see Kevin Gates walk down the ramp when he is done with his set and you see Boosie get on stage when his music starts but all the other stuff I just don’t know. At the end of the day, I’d like to hear a Boosie and Kevin Gates song. While we at it, throw Webbie on that track too. I ain’t finishe….

This video says Boosie Kicked Gates off the stage for performing to long but it don’t look like that at all!! You get better footage of the fight back stage tho. Yeah I heard that had beef in the past but….. Again this could be anybody that’s jumping on stage and getting manhandled.

This one has a little more action on stage but still I’m not ready to say its a Gates vs Boosie situation. WHAT I AM saying IS people be careful running with rumors in the streets until you here it from they mouth because people about to try and turn this one up true or false. We don’t need people out chea dying for real behind amped up gossip that ain’t true.

Back to the music! New video by Boosie right here.

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