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Congrats to these DFW artists signing deals & more


It’s a lot of movement in the DFW hip-hop scene. Artists of all sorts are making big splashes in their respective hometowns across the DFW and beyond from club rockers to lyrical giants to crafty mid tempo hit making song writers and we can’t forget about the young ragers. Here are just some of many who have made big leaps this year showing the diversity of what the DFW scene has to offer.

Fat Pimp, once known as a young local with a ear for producing and writing club bangers is now revered as a Southern Rap Pioneer and just inked a deal with California indie label Dirty Water Music and is sure to take off even further than before now.

The leader of the younger New Wave of DFW artists is Post Malone. A 20 year old that I was able to see saucing on the stage earlier this year at Mass Appeals “Live at the BBQ” event hosted by Nas during SXSW. He is now signed to Republic Records and is not exactly a rapper. He’s a musically gifted machine having fun making tunes his whole generation can sing along and relate to.
white iverson

If you not aware by now then you should be. The artists formerly known as Love,JT discovered by legendary Dallas hit maker The D.O.C is now a protégé of Dr. Dre signed to Aftermath and goes by the name of Justus. He is featured on the #1 album “Compton” 3 times and has been credited by the good Doctor himself for writing a large portion of the album.
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He’s not signed yet but he’s damn near there. Last month Timbaland unexpectedly dropped 2 new tracks on his soundcloud by DFW MC AV The Great. His first show at the House of Blues reached capacity with a line waiting outside the door eager to get in to see his much talked about live shows. He’s been bubbling underground for awhile in different markets and continues to make strides with no signs of slowing down.

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What could be a better name for a label to represent the new wave of DFW than “Deep Ellum Music Group”!?! The timing is perfect and the music they are pumping out is gaining fast momentum led by the infectious “Dallas and Beyond” track by Nature Nate and “Johnny Cage” by G.U.N

We have to send a big and special congrats out to one of the names mentioned before which is why I saved the best for last. If you have seen the movie “Straight Outta Compton” by now then you know that a large part of the West Coast G-Funk sound that we have grown to love is largely credited to the original DFW sound created by The Fila Fresh Crew and their ring leader The D.O.C. He is the only rapper from the DFW with a nationally recognized classic album “Nobody Can Do It Better” and played a major part of nearly every late 80’s early 90’s classic west coast album that came from NWA and Death Row. He lost his voice and nearly his life in a car crash almost 3 decades ago but has revealed that it is coming back. Thank GOD!

Crit Life is packing out venues and BMBG are popping up on the scene. Even members of Floyd Mayweathers “TMT” shouted out rising artist Chromatik apart of the Swerve-N-Hitz crew earlier this week. A.dd+ is bound to drop again soon, DSR reunited, Gas House Smitty has the traps going “Rambo” and with a new “Circle” video from Lil Ronnie Mutha F and album from M.E chicks are twerking hard as ever. Their are many of names that could be mentioned and are deserved to be but back to work I must go. I love showing love but I almost missed a talk break and need my job. It’s hard out here haha. Peace Kings and Queens. Salute to all.

Less shade & More south side fades and always remember #NOFAKEHANDSHAKES (Mannnn Hol Up).

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