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#TwitterWars: Future vs Young Thug – Friday Showdown


People love drama smh! Anytime you see “Vs” in between two sports team names, you think “I can’t wait to see who wins It’s just a game and they will shake hands until next time”. Whenever you see “vs” in between two rappers names you think “it’s beef, somebody can get hurt, who do you think will win in a fight?”. But on a real, in most artists minds it’s competition to be the best just as it is in sports especially when two artists have the same fan base plus their albums are dropping on the same time.

I think is this is nothing serious and we should treat it as such. I think they are just fueled to make the best music and to be on top. This way WE ALL WIN. Outsiders and gossipers who enjoy drama and ending peoples lives don’t understand that just like we enjoy the back and forth before a big game, we enjoy the back and forth leading up to Young Thugs “Slime Season 3” or now titled “I’m Up” and Future’s “Evol” . Both come out Friday, but you can pre-order Future’s “Evol” right now.

Oh by the way, to be clear, nobody every said anybody’s name so im not instigating anything but it is very possible. But with everybody else reporting about it in a negative way, I hope I provided a different outlook.

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