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Yung Nation Signs With E One Music


Yung Nation signs with E1 Music!

It should come to no surprise that Lil Faime and B. Reed graduated high school and now are a part of an ever growing movement, in fact the movement geared up while the duo were still in high school.  I’m sure that this will be one of many interesting facts that Yung Nation will create as their rise to fame continues.  Fun-loving and known for coming up with their own language, which consists of words like skurr and iyess, these two are continuing to build a massive attraction of high school and college age fans. This week it was announced that the duo signed with E1 Music, giving them the much needed push to gain attention across the nation.  This will be especially sweet for Yung Nation, as they travel and truly have all of us “Nationed Out”.  Check out their new song “Shawty Wassup” below.