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Kendrick Lamar Premieres King Kunta In Times Square & LA

I’m still in love with Kendrick Lamar’s “How To Pimp A Butterfly” and one of the most controversial songs on the album is “King Kunta” where he talks about the ups and downs of being in the limelight, well the video, which premiered on billboards in Times Square and in LA, is set far from… Read more »

#NewMusicTuesday: The Soft Side of Texas Music

If you thought that Texas music was just about syrup-sippin’, twerkin’ and big booty girls then you’re in for a treat! Although big-booty girls probably make their way onto the video set, the artist behind Texas R&B have a “Southern charm” about them that your typical R&B artist doesn’t or can’t produce. Take Dallas’ Rayvaughn,… Read more »

Ne-Yo Tells The Truth On Non-Fiction

Let’s first start with the definition of “Non-Fiction” – Non-fiction, or nonfiction, is a narrative that strictly presents presumably real-life events, established facts, and true information. With this being the title of Ne-Yo’s new album, it’s safe to say that the collection of songs on this album are based on real life experiences, whether they… Read more »

Ki Ki J’s Tuesday Turnup

We are already 3 weeks into 2015 and there is alot to be excited about when it comes to the music. First off 2 Chainz is getting ready to drop “TRU Jack City” next week but he’s is getting musichead’s appetite ready by dropping a new song every Tuesday, even giving us a couple of… Read more »