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Someone Get Lil Twist and Bring Him Back To Dallas

The lil homie, Lil Twist could be heading to jail. According to TMZ, who Twist has a huge dislike for, is reporting that Twist is facing 25 years in jail after being accused of breaking into Kyle Massey’s house (you remember him from, That’s So Raven and Corey In The House on the Disney Channel)… Read more »

Young Money Freestyle ft 5 Minutes of Wayne

Young Money introduces new rappers on a 13 minute freestyle that features two Dallas artists, Hoodboss aka “Hood” and “Lil Twist”. Standout performances by Corey Gunz who has to be stopped by Wayne himself before Gudda Gudda takes over, Wayne comes back with a 5 minute freestyle that pretty much solidifies that Young Money is… Read more »