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Kendrick Lamar makes acting debut on Power

Is Kung Fu Kenny ready for the big screen? He did a good job in his acting debut on Power. Check out some clips below. Kendrick Lamar On #POWER 🀞🏽🀞🏽 — Team Ab-Soul TDE (@abdashsoulTDE) July 29, 2018 πŸ“Ί Kendrick Lamar Makes A Cameo Appearance On #PowerTV Season 5 Episode 5 As A Crackhead Alongside… Read more »

I’m So In Love With Kendrick Lamar

Ok, I admit it!! I’m in love with Kendrick Lamar, he is everything I love about this thing called “Hip-Hop” and last night’s performance on Stephen Colbert had me even more head over heels. His poetry flows synced perfectly with a live band and a vibe that I believe would move the late Marvin Gaye,… Read more »

Kendrick Lamar Premieres King Kunta In Times Square & LA

I’m still in love with Kendrick Lamar’s “How To Pimp A Butterfly” and one of the most controversial songs on the album is “King Kunta” where he talks about the ups and downs of being in the limelight, well the video, which premiered on billboards in Times Square and in LA, is set far from… Read more »

Kendrick Lamar SNL Performance

I thought Kendrick’s performance on SNL was creative, some say he channeled Ol Dirty Bastard in his performance, I thought it had a deeper meaning… Take a look at it and let me know what you think by tweeting me @kikij104!