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Mountain Dew Artist On The Rise: BJ The Chicago Kid

A South Side Story In this vast world of opportunity, dreams sometimes come true. Even in the hood. A place where, with a roll of the dice and a dash of hustler’s ambition, anything is possible. The rules of the game are as old as time. Be it cee-lo or snake eyes, chances go around…. Read more »

I’m So In Love With Kendrick Lamar

Ok, I admit it!! I’m in love with Kendrick Lamar, he is everything I love about this thing called “Hip-Hop” and last night’s performance on Stephen Colbert had me even more head over heels. His poetry flows synced perfectly with a live band and a vibe that I believe would move the late Marvin Gaye,… Read more »

Go To Chuurch With Slim Thug

Who would’ve thought that Slim Thug would be playing in my car on Sunday morning on my way to church, before you call me a heathen, backslider or unsaved there is no mention of syrup sippin, big booty hos, or candy slabs, instead with a heavy Texas drawl, Slim Thug raps about being a better… Read more »

Kendrick Lamar Premieres King Kunta In Times Square & LA

I’m still in love with Kendrick Lamar’s “How To Pimp A Butterfly” and one of the most controversial songs on the album is “King Kunta” where he talks about the ups and downs of being in the limelight, well the video, which premiered on billboards in Times Square and in LA, is set far from… Read more »

Ki Ki J’s Tuesday Turnup

We are already 3 weeks into 2015 and there is alot to be excited about when it comes to the music. First off 2 Chainz is getting ready to drop “TRU Jack City” next week but he’s is getting musichead’s appetite ready by dropping a new song every Tuesday, even giving us a couple of… Read more »

B.O.B Gives Us The Best Black Friday Deal

I was excited before I even went to bed last night because I got one of the best Black Friday deals in my inbox!! It was from Kwanzaafest artist, B.O.B who released his new mixtape on Thanksgiving evening, “New Black Mixtape”. In the wake of the recent protests in Ferguson, B.O.B turns the mirror on… Read more »

VOTE: 9 O’Clock Knock Out

Week #4 for Ricochet’s song “Don’t Regret It” this week standing in his way is KTwon Fame “Never Seen That” take a listen to both songs and get your vote on. Vote as many times as you like, the winner will be announced next Sunday! The artist that wins 4 weeks in a row gets… Read more »

So You Think You Wanna Do Music?

People ask me all the time, “What do I need to do get into music?” Even though there are several things that you need to do and most of the time it’s simultaneously, It’s as basic as these 7 tips: Music = Business – Many artists think of their music as an art form and nothing… Read more »