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Slim Thug Talks Dallas, Strippers & “Hogg Life”

In case you missed it, Slim Thug recently stopped by Street Swagg Sunday to talk to me about his new 4-part docuseries “Hogg Life”, well we talked about a little bit more too! Check it out below. Check out the title track!

Dallas Artist Channels The Death Of JFK

As we remember the day that JFK died a Dallas artist has found a parallel between his life and the life of one of the most loved presidents in history.  Frost 214 debuts his much anticipated video for “If I Die Tonight”, on the anniversary of JFK’s death.  With footage from the JFK motorcade and… Read more »

Ashley Kimbrae is one of Dallas' up and coming talents, an emerging star that shouldn't be missed!

Ashley Kimbrae – 1st Time Around

Ashley Kimbrae is getting ready for her upcoming EP, The Next Chapter I’m VERY proud of this artist, she has a clean image and a beautiful voice. She has the full package and is getting ready for  her upcoming  EP, The Next Chapter. Since playing “1st Time Around” on Street Swagg Sunday listeners have been… Read more »