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If you have studied the DFW underground scene, chances are you’ve heard of Snow The Product. Originally from San Diego she later moved to Ft. Worth in 2010 and is currently the only Mexican female Rapper out right now. With her quick wit and “Wake Yo Game Up” movement she is creating a space for herself in the Hip-Hop culture. Coming on the scene with hits like “Drunk Love” and “Woke Wednesday”, which were viral hits, Snow has continued to push the envelope of what a female MC should sound like and by doing so she caught the eyes and ears of Atlantic Records which she signed to in 2011. Her most recent mixtape, Good Nights and Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover is out now and her new single “Play” is available on iTunes. Check out our favorite Latina Rapper talking with Snoop Dogg about how many times she thinks about sex and what being “Woke” means here

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  • Britnie Essary

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  • La Caprona mas chingona

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  • Belinda Parker

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