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Ross Shows A Softer Side In “Sorry”


Watching Ross on TV talking about how calm and happy he is seems like a far cry from his “Everyday I’m Hustlin” days, the more reserved and lighter Ross has come to terms with having all eyes on him, currently on house arrest the 80lb lighter version of Rick Ross has spent alot of time in the house that was almost compromised when a groundskeeper took pictures of the “Biggest Boss’s” grounds and goings on and posted it on social media which resulted in an alleged pistol-whipping that left Ross’s former employee with a broken jaw, neck and two chipped teeth. The massive argument landed Ross in jail and a convection of aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping. On top of that, he is now being sued for rape by a woman he has never even touched and mounting baby mama problems, it looks like having to limit his movements has been a blessing in disguise, life seems to be put in perspective for Ross as he recently proposed to girlfriend, Lira Mercer and teamed up with Chris Brown for a light, airy track called “Sorry” on which the two artists go back and forth over the things they have done wrong in past relationships. Hopefully this is a sign that Ross is going in a different direction, and maybe the negativity will stay at bay. Frankly, I love the classy, happy and sophisticated Ross and maybe just saying “Sorry” is all it takes to be happy!

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