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#NewMusicTuesday: The Soft Side of Texas Music


If you thought that Texas music was just about syrup-sippin’, twerkin’ and big booty girls then you’re in for a treat! Although big-booty girls probably make their way onto the video set, the artist behind Texas R&B have a “Southern charm” about them that your typical R&B artist doesn’t or can’t produce. Take Dallas’ Rayvaughn, whose new EP “Experience Rayvaughn” takes you on a musical journey with the same soulfulness you would hear in an Anthony Hamilton song that can only can be attributed to his roots in Mississippi and his travels around South Dallas. His new single “Man Like Me” finds a lady excited to finally be meeting the man of her dreams. “Dance The Night Away” is “Neyo-esc” and should be played in every Texas dance and Hip-Hop club. Another artist with Dallas roots is Vine superstar, Chris Jay who has an enormous fanbase, with over a million people on Vine and 242K and counting on his Instagram page, he uses his platforms to debut his music and the occasional progress of his abs. His song “Nebula” (Scream) has garnered over 150,000 views, all with little to no club or airplay. And the fellas aren’t the only ones talking sweet nothings in the ladies ears, the ladies are talking back, BeMyFiasco is holding her own with her new song “Monday Morning Blues”, she is reminiscent of a young Erykah Badu and her voice….well you’ll just have to experience it. Taking the road down 45 you can hear R&B in the land of the “po’ up” with artists like Martez, his new single is taking off on Houston radio and has the women feeling like Queens with help from Houston natives ShaunWard and Propain. Texas OG, Slim Thug newest project “Hogglife” isn’t complete without some R&B with his song, “Nobody” ft Chase. I’m sure that there are many more artists out there that have music that you can certainly “Texas Two-Step” too…but for now enjoy these.

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