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Lil Ronny Motha F Teams with Fat Pimp & Tre Ward on New Deal


I love this time of year, it’s the time of year when anything can happen in music. With a slew of awesome music coming out from DFW artists, and the musical landscape of the city shaping up to be a moving force in 2016, I’m very excited to see what’s to come but I never saw this move coming! Just when it couldn’t get any better in 2015 for DFW artist Lil Ronny Motha F, (I mean Beyonce aka Queen B danced to his song “Circle” while on tour!) has signed with California based, Dirty Water Music Group who recently signed CKB artists, Fat Pimp and Tre Ward a few months ago. This should prove to continue to be a year of surprises in 2016….Leggo DF-Dub I got my popcorn ready.

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