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Go To Chuurch With Slim Thug


Who would’ve thought that Slim Thug would be playing in my car on Sunday morning on my way to church, before you call me a heathen, backslider or unsaved there is no mention of syrup sippin, big booty hos, or candy slabs, instead with a heavy Texas drawl, Slim Thug raps about being a better person, taking care of his family and praying. In between, Slim Thug’s motivational rhymes, Houston’s star pastor Joel Osteen preaches a sermon on not inviting the wrong people into your circle. This is definitely a different Slim Thug, a more grown up and responsible Slim Thug who is giving us game and holding us accountable for our own success. In a four part series, Slim Thug is giving us “Hogg Life” which includes a DVD chronicling his rise to stardom and how he’s evolved. This is definitely a good look for Texas Hip-Hop and a must-have for any fan of Texas music. Get a copy of “Hogg Life” here. Also check out the track “Chuurch”, I guarantee you’ll be playing this in your ride for daily inspiration.

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