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DF-Dub Artist, Fat Pimp Gets Gangsta For New Video


It’s been 8 years since DF-Dub artist, Fat Pimp hit the scene with his dance hit, “I’m Gettin’ Money” but even back then he showed dominance with his lyrics; “I’m Gettin Money, what the F are ya’ll doin'” so it’s no surprise to see Fat Pimp getting back to his roots in his new video for “Young Finesser”. “I want to continue acting, sooner rather than later”, Fat Pimp says “I’ve always been infatuated with the movie, The Godfather and I spent alot of time studying the film for the video.” I must say, I’ve never seen Fat as relaxed or eager as he is now and it’s an awesome thing to witness, with Dirty Water Music Group flooding the Texas playlists with bangers from Lil Ronny Motha F (“Up In The Air”) and Tre Ward (“Anymore”) “Young Finesser” is another dimension of Texas Hip-Hop that will demand room on the hottest club and radio playlists. With a story line, real actors and crystal clear visuals from Alpha Male Visuals, “Young Finesser” is one of the best out of the Triple DF-Dub yet. Don’t miss the Dirty Water Take Over with Fat Pimp, Lil Ronny Motha F, and Tre Ward coming to Street Swagg Sunday on June 26th.

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