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Dallas’ Premier Rap Group Takes The Cake



It was early April when I learned that DSR was getting back together, I was excited about the possibilities as well as the new music coming from the camp. George Lopez, DSR’s Founder called me saying “They’re Back!!” and with that I received the first single “Count This Cake” which is a gritty street song about getting to the money, which isn’t a far cry from what DSR has done in years past. The group formed in 2001 and quickly rose the be the premiere Rap group in Dallas. DSR, which consists of Tum Tum, Big Tuck, Fat B, Double T, Addiction and Lil Ronnie, toured and shared stages with the hottest and biggest names in Hip-Hop and eventually signed a multi-million dollar deal with Universal Records, however when the industry changed and the Internet became more of a factor for the music business, the group took a turn, doing solo projects and collaborations with other artists. To be honest I think this is the right season for DSR, if you’ve bought music from one of the only independent record stores in Texas, T-Town Music you’ve met George Lopez and learn of his self-made business and his keen sense of being independent and what it takes to sustain a movement, so it’s only right for the second coming of DSR to be happening. As one of the most successful labels to come out of Dallas, it’s only a matter of time before DSR is back to “Counting The Cake” across the nation! Check out the “Count This Cake” video below.

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