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Certified For The Summer, New Music For The Ride


With Summer creeping up on us, you have to re-evaluate your music for the ride. As tops go back and weekly (sometimes daily) trips to the car wash emerge you have to have upgrade your system with certified for the Summer hits! The first one that is definitely going in my whip is Snoop Dogg’s new album Bush. Produced exclusively by Pharrell, Snoop and the super producer take us track by track through the new album.

The next album that will be bumpin in the ride this Summer will be Ciara’s Jackie album, and don’t get it twisted even though Ciara went through a very public breakup and became a new mommy she isn’t just all sappy ballads on this one. Take a look a Ciara talking about the album below

Whatever you choose to add to your music collection just make sure its HOT enough to make the fellas and the ladies turn their heads…because hey you never know, new music in the ride could lead to a new boo!!

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