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Pay Your Bills 2019

Register below for a chance to get your bills paid 5x a day at 7:20am, 12:20pm, 2:20pm, 4:20pm, and 7:20pm by calling 817-633-1045! When you hear your name called you have 10 minutes to call back to claim your prize!

Marsha A. $399 Car Note
April W. $133 Electric Bill
Biaunca B. $170 Phone Bill
Samaria B. $154 Electric Bill
Craig L. $130 Cable Bill
Francene P. $175 Electric Bill
Adrienne D. $200 Cell Phone Bill
Jennifer C. $160 Electric Bill
Vickie D. $562 Car Note
Bianca R. $169 Electric Bill
Ashley S. $104 Speeding Tickets
Delise J. $580 Credit Card Bill
Jackie M. $302 Electric Bill
Kamechia T. $600.00 Medical Bill
Shunta M.  $330.00  Car Insurance
Jonathan M.  $202.40  Phone Bill
Justen B.  $310.92  Cable Bill
Priscilla B.  $635  Electric Bill
DeMarcus M.  $650  Car Note
Ashley W. $207 Credit Card Bill
Barbara H. $145 Electric Bill
Bobby H. $281 Car Note