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What’s poppin’ w/ Hollywood Divas’ Countess Vaughn’s weight loss?


U remember Countess Vaughn from Moesha?!..Well she has been a major cast member of Hollywood Divas’ and wants to share her story about weightloss!..She dropped 3 sizes by liposuction, and she is definitely proud of it..Now that she lost the weight, she maintains her figure by portion control with her food and exercising regularly..She has noticed that she has more energy to use with her kids!..Now,Hollywood Divas’ two-part finale special is going down on TV One Sept. 9th at 9p! I heard Countess is going to reveal that she got with Ray J before Kim Kardashian!..Does she remember what it was like or does she get flashes of memories when she sees the infamous sextape?! lol

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