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This/That: Do u think the Step Parents’ have a right to speak on the Kids?


Do u think that step parents have a right to speak on the kids?!..Let me know!..Plus, Check what some folks in the Metroplex think right here!

  • MEasy

    Yes indeed. If they are in association with the kids. As long as it’s done from a genuine place, but that’s always open for interpretation.

  • Milk

    As a parent i believe step parents have the right to speak with the kids. It hard to because ou dont understand them as much as their biological parents because you dont share the same spirit. I dont think yhey have the right t discipline the kids because they dont understand why the child is not obeying them. Its not the kids fault that they don’t get to see their other parent on a daily basis because they are being held for randsom which is made legal in political acceptable terms as “child support” which serves the same function. Just like a silencer is illegal but a suppressor legal, they serve the same function, just like community service is legal and slavery is illegal. Given different political terms but they serve the same function. Thats how we get around things in America.