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Priya’s Bio


The Priya story began a little over 10 years ago in the middle of her Biology 2 class, where a young Priya realized she did not love science as much as she loved music. Priya’s school friends would always joke about how one day there would be a BAD GIRL LABEL owned and ran by Priya. After constant soul-searching, Priya realized she needed to do an active part in pursuing a career in the music industry.

Priya’s parents had always dreamed for the best for their children, and they did not foresee their daughter embarking in a career in radio. They would constantly encourage getting into medicine or law. However, after Priya expressed her interest in the music business, they became very helpful and supportive, but still skeptical.

Determined to prove to her parents that she can have a successful career in the music business, she began researching different types of jobs and positions in the industry.  Every source of information directed her to radio.  She then applied for an internship at a new hip-hop radio station in Houston, Texas.

After interning for a while at KTHT HOT 97.1 for the morning show, she began interning for the midday girl/music director. Priya was a sponge during this experience.  She took in and absorbed everything around her. She learned how to schedule music, put together radio promotions, and basically how to run a radio station.  When the midday/music director left to pursue another job, the program director left the duties of the music director in Priya’s hands. At this moment, Priya knew that she had fallen in love.

January 3, 2002 is a day Priya will never forget for the rest of her life.  Jan. 3rd KTHT HOT 97.1 flipped formats to classic country. Boots and Wranglers were not a part of Priya’s style. She knew that she must find another gig in radio in order to keep her hopes of having a career in this industry alive. During this time, Priya was pursing her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Houston Baptist University.  Education was very important to her and her parents. She was determined to finish her degree and try to find another job at another radio station in the market. Priya’s experience with KTHT gave her an opportunity to meet different people and learn so much about the radio industry.

It didn’t take long for Priya to find another radio position in Houston.  She sent her air check to a radio station she grew up listening to. The program director for KBXX-Houston 97.9 “The Box” called her for an interview. She then started doing weekends for KBXX and continued to focus on finishing her degree.

In May of 2004, she received a phone call from one of her friends who worked for Arista records. He told her of a position in Orlando, Fl. She sent her tape to the program director of WPYO Power 95.3. Upon hearing the tape, he immediately flew Priya out for an interview. She began her radio journey at WPYO as the Midday Personality.

While in Orlando, Priya began working and completing her Masters in Business Administration. In her program, she realized more than ever that the “radio business” is in fact a “business”. The knowledge gained from her MBA has helped her understand how a company operates and manages several radio stations. Both with her experience and education, Priya has gained a better understanding on how a radio station works within a company.Taking over the Radio scene is just the beginning of Priya’s goals in life. She is well on her way to establishing Priya’s Enterprise. Make sure you check for Priya blazin’ the airwaves from 10am to 3pm, Monday thru Friday on K104.