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Exclusive peek into Kevin Hart’s new movie!



Kevin Hart is hilarious..we all can agree, but this movie looks especially funny…I think Regina Hall and Kevin Hart complement each other perfectly…They have wonderful chemistry, and u can def see it in this scene..Have u ever had a new chick or a dude block u from talking to someone else in the club?…It has happened to me, but I just walked away..Can’t wait till the movie comes out on Valentine’s day!

  • watkinssr

    The last three photos are by Pitaru (hence her watermark). Amazingly talented young photog.

  • Jerad Akin

    Thank you!! (That first photo belongs to /// photography (Jerad Akin ) as well… Great article! #GoldenAge

  • Ms. Bird

    It’s funny but I never heard them on the radio. Why local MCs have to be underground. Our radio stations are prejudice to our own talent. Think about it.