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Beyonce throwing shade at Kelly Rowland?



Old video surfaced of the original members of Destiny’s Child, and when Kelly mentioned that she was the second-lead singer..Beyonce made a face and coughed which could be taken wrong way..According to Letoya Luckett, she said that she thought Beyonce just had to cough, and that Beyonce was lead and Kelly was second lead..Everybody knew their role and played their position as a team..What do u think?!

  • Angel Cake

    Beyonce know she wrong, and she undercover competitive anyway.Too me, Kelly is a better singer but Beyonce is a better entertainer. I also think that Destiny Child was Beyonce key to get her foot in the door or else she would have game into the game solo. And I’ve heard her mention that she was a solo artist before Destiny Child but she had to be underground or something because the world had never heard of Beyonce until Destiny Child so she need to throw that solo crap out of the window but the fans has made B rich so you can’t be made at her. Every man for them self.