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Jobs Available

Looking for assistance from your city, Miss Dianne Gibson has information on new jobs available, community events going on and so much more. Listen and learn with DeDe in the Morning.  

Stedman Graham with DeDe in the Morning

Stedman Graham is most known as being Oprah Winfrey’s life partner, but he is so much more then that! He is a motivational speaker, a businessman and an author, he came in to talk to DeDe in the Morning and you know she got all up in his business…      

DeDe's DM is Running Background Checks

Should DeDe’s DM run a background check on a guy she had a great date with? A woman hit up DeDe in the Morning asking for advice, her friend is a cop and wants her to run a back round check. Would you? Listen, laugh and let DeDe in the Morning know what you would… Read more »

What Guys Do After a Break Up

Guys act so tough but when it comes to break ups they are just as sensitive as women. Lady Jade found a list of thing men do after a break up, listen and let us know if you agree or have seen it for your self. DeDe in the Morning wants to hear about your… Read more »

Way Back in the Day

You never know what the ” good ol’ days” are until they are gone. DeDe in the morning wants to go down memory lane with you to way back in the day. Listen to see if you can remember those days and drop a comment of your favorite memory.  

Lady Jade's Expectations

After one man called Lady Jade picky DeDe in the Morning wanted to know what are her expectations of a perfect man. DeDe wanted her to think of all the reasons why her past relationships failed. Listen and let her know is she picky or does she just have higher standards then most.  

DeDe's DM Needs Girl Code Help

A woman hit up DeDe’s DM asking for help about girl code, she needs to know if its ok for her to date a man who used to date her ex friend… She’s not friends with the woman any more so does Girl Code still count?      

1st Date Nerves

Everyone gets nervous on a first date but some guys do things that really show how nervous they are. Listen to see if you are guilty of showing those first date nerves with DeDe in the Morning.  

Guilty Purchases with DeDe in the Morning

We are all guilty of making guilty purchases but just how bad were you? DeDe in the Morning wants to know about your guilty purchases, it could be objects and materials or even vacations and events. Listen and compare your guilty purchases to ours…