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Daddy Diaries: Michael Shawn's Daughter Has Major ...

Michael Shawn’s oldest daughter Armani has been absent from school a lot because she has been sick. She missed a week and when she went back the teacher made her take a test. She didn’t do very well on the test, so she asked the teacher how she can make it up? The teacher told… Read more »


WOW!! Here goes RiRi again… Another check for the Good girl gone bad.. No pics of shoes or clothes yet but it was announced that She will be the women’s creative director and the face of the new Training collection.. ready for the gym ladies?

The Most Googled People Of 2014

The popular search engine Google has officially released their annual “Year in Search” data for the world to admire. Check out the list below of the most googled people and see who the celebrity of the year is! Top Trending Global List of People Searched on Google: 1. Jennifer Lawrence 2. Kim Kardashian 3. Julie… Read more »

Sony Hackers Threaten Attack On Movie Theaters!

A threatening message from the Guardians of Peace, the group responsible for hacking into and releasing more than a terabyte of Sony’s internal data so far, is alleging an attack on movie theaters that plan to screen Seth Rogen and James Franco’s movie “The Interview.” “The world will be full of fear,” the message, first… Read more »

Deion Sanders’ Ex Pilar Sentenced To 7 Days In J...

Deion Sanders ex-wife Pilar was sentenced to seven days in jail on Tuesday. District Judge Ray Wheless ruled that Pilar Sanders was in contempt of court when she violated part of the couple’s divorce agreement when she didn’t return the couple’s children to Deion in a timely manner. Deion Sanders won sole custody of the… Read more »