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Should DeDe Move

Mean Tweet Tuesday: Is there something that you don’t like about someone on the morning show? One listener tweeted, “DeDe in the Morning never has anything positive to say about the Dallas Mavericks, she should just”…[Listen Below]

Jobs Available

Do you need a job or know someone who does? Miss Community, Diane Gibson has this weeks jobs openings. [Listen Below]

Is Michael Shawn A Bad Dad

Is Michael Shawn a bad dad? He played word association with his 3 daughters. While playing, he mentioned one word and they had to say the first thing that came to mind. This didn’t go so well…[Listen Below]

Put Your Child On The Radio

Do you think your child is beyond talented and needs to be on the radio? Lady Jade has found some kids with pretty amazing talents. Here’s this weeks “DFW Talented Kids.” [Listen Below]

"Eye" Can't Believe This

DeDe’s Date Fail: Clay met a girl named Tia on Tinder and the two had their first date at TGI Fridays. According to Tia, he wasn’t super tall and that was ok but she couldn’t handle the fact that he wasn’t truthful about…[Listen Below]

Mom vs. Wife

DeDe in the Morning says her husband always makes her sit in the backseat when his mom rides with them. In the battle of mom vs. wife, who do you think belong in the front seat? [Listen Below]

How Long Can You Wait

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: Lady Jade met a guy at the courthouse who was putting money on his wife’s books. He’s been holding her down for the last couple of weeks but he said he can’t wait any longer than…[Listen Below]

Cheap Date

DeDe’s Date Fail: A guy named Drew definitely didn’t get a call back from Lena because according to her he was way to ….[Listen Below]

Does Online Dating Work

The dating scene is constantly changing. Now days people seem to be doing more online dating than meeting in person. Does online dating really work? Have you met your boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse online? [Listen Below]

I Met My Boo Online

Get in Your Business: DeDe in the Morning was out an about and met a couple that were on their first date. Turns out they were very attracted to each others profile picture’s and met on the dating website called…[Listen Below]