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What's poppin' w/ Amber catching Wiz cheating?

Amber Rose filed Divorce paperwork after catching Wiz in bed with another chick!!..But, Wiz claims that the story is false and remembers it another way!..Check it all out by clicking “play” below!..Plus, Erica Mena is mad that some chicks in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood are copying her style!

It's Mad Monday! [Listen Now]

It’s Mad Monday! What happened this weekend that has you hot? Dede is mad because at Lady Jade’s wedding over the weekend she had to sit at the kids table! (Listen Below)

Blind Item: Hip-Hop Mogul's Girlfriend Getting Sma...

Yup! According to a mega Hip-Hop Mogul may be loosing his girlfriend to his son! The son isn’t biologically his and while the over-protective mogul is away, he has his security and eldest son to watch over her and allegedly the son is doing MORE than his fair share of watching. Can you guess… Read more »

Beyonce's GIRLS Almost Popped Out At Concert!

JAY Z and Beyonce gave a powerful performance at the Global Citizen’s Concert last night, so powerful that Beyonce’s girls almost came out to give a performance of their own! Hurry click here to see it for yourself!

Grambling vs P.V. and LaTex2k14! Find Your Pic.

Where you at the game? Did you miss the Battle Of The Bands? The $1,000 Nae Nae competition? Where you at the afterparty? Find your Pic right now. K104 Baby!

What Would You Do If You Were Single For One Day? ...

Today is Lady Jade’s last day to be a single woman because tomorrow she is getting married. So we’ve been asking the question “what would you do if you were single for one day?” Michael Shawn said he wants to go back and apologize to a girl he gave below average sex too. (Listen Below)