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What’s Happening

Ruined Relationships

What’s ruining your relationship? DeDe in the Morning says the number one thing for most people is….[Listen Below]

Mean Tweet Tuesday

It’s “Mean Tweet Tuesday.” The listeners say they don’t like the morning show because…[Listen Below]

DFW Talented Kids

Do you think your child is talented and needs to be on the radio? Lady Jade found another talented kid who loves to perform…[Listen Below]

Jobs Available

Do you need a job? Miss Community, Diane Gibson, has this weeks jobs. [Listen Below]

What Are You Looking At

DeDe’s Date Fail: A girl refuses to go out on another date because her date was way too…[Listen Below]

Dallas Going Broke

OMG! DeDe in the Morning reveals that the city of Dallas is going broke. Wow! [Listen Below]

Best TV Prices

Black Friday had some great deals. DeDe in the Morning reveals the best prices on T.V’s. [Listen Below]