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The holidays are here and so is the cold! If you need some assistance from your community you have to hear what Ms. Dianne Gibson has for you weather its programs, jobs, or just a helping hand listen with DeDe in the Morning.  

DeDe's Date Fail

Who has a date at the airport?! The craziest part of all, the airport wasn’t the reason why she didn’t call the guy back. This guy made one of the most obvious mistakes any man could make on a date, and he still called DeDe in the Morning asking her to help him find out… Read more »

Lady Jade is Freezing her Eggs!

DeDe in the morning convinced Lady Jade to freeze her eggs and now Jade is taking you through the IVF process with her but she is all ready dealing with some uncontrollable hormones… Check out Lady Jade Freezing her eggs! View this post on Instagram Did you know @dedeinthemorning finally convinced @ladyjade104 to freeze her… Read more »

Barber Shop Talk with Michael Shawn

Would you go inside your homeboy’s house if he wasn’t home but his girl was? Michael Shawn was at the barber shop asking the guys this question and he got a lot of different answers. You have to hear what happen on Barber Shop Talk!

Black, Jackson, Sanders, and Willie Named K104 BEA...

Congratulations to Michael Black of Haltom, Ja’Quinden Jackson of Duncanville, Drew Sanders of Denton Ryan, and KJ Willie of Allen on being named K104 BEAST OF THE WEEK for their play in the Regional Semifinal round of the Texas High School Playoffs! Michael Black (Haltom) – The Haltom Buffaloes continued the road to state with… Read more »

DeDe's Date Fail

Could you date some one that is still living with their ex? A guy asked DeDe in the Morning to help him find out why he can’t get a call back after he took a woman to his house for a dinner date. When DeDe heard who still stays at the house with him it… Read more »


What would you do if your 17 year old slept with a 28 year old family member? It goes down in the DM, but it looks like it goes down between family members too. DeDe in the Morning has to help this dad! Find out what happen on DeDe’s DM…

Hot Topics

DeDe in the Morning is back on the Dallas Cowboy bandwagon, White Gary and Michael Shawn put a major wager on the game,  Cardi B can’t control her mouth even around kids and Meek Mill loves Ellen DeGeneres! Check out all these stories on Hot Topics.  

Single Mom Shopping Spree

The holidays are about helping others and this year IJUSTGOTHIT.COM and DeDe in the Morning teamed up to give single moms a $500 shopping spree to Target. Check out this single moms story…

Megan Thee Stallion Signs to 300 Entertainment

Houston’s very own, Megan Thee Stallion, officially signed to 300 Entertainment this week. After garnering over 1 million views independently and a die heart fan base that is just excited about her new deal as she is, Megan took to Instagram to announce that the 300 Entertainment deal was the one of many deals presented… Read more »