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Dj Duffey's Reality Update

Did you watch Basketball Wives or Love and Hip Hop this week? DJ Duffey will fill you in on all of the drama you may have missed with “The Reality Update.” [Listen Below]

Top 5 Sponsors #DeDesBackYardBBQ

You don’t want to miss this year’s sponsor for the “2nd Annual DeDe’s Backyard BBQ” powered by “1-800 Car Wreck“! Top 5 barbecue out of Desoto, Texas welcomes everyone to a smokin’ good day! Their barbecue is slow smoked to perfection which makes them the #8 rated top barbecue restaurant in Dallas. Make sure you… Read more »

The Worst Date Ever

DeDe’s Date Fail: Curtis went on a date with a pretty girl named Rachel. Turns out Rachel was completely unsatisfied with where Curtis brought her and even more aggravated with the fact that he only talked about…[Listen Below]

Common Relationship Problems

Did you fight with your husband or wife this weekend? It’s ok, your arguments could be completely normal. DeDe in the Morning give you the most common relationship fights..[Listen Below]

I'm In Love With Mary Jane

What the hell are you doing at the courthouse: Lady Jade met a guy who was dealing with a mariguana case. He said he was in the car when the cops pulled up, so he immediately…[Listen Below]

Summer Time Fun

It’s official, all of the kiddo’s are out of school. What are your kids doing for the summer? [Listen Below]

Meet Lady Jade's Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner so DeDe in the Morning decided to call Lady Jade’s dad. He said if money were no object, for Father’s Day he would absolutely love to get…[Listen Below]

The Home Wrecker

Get In Your Business: DeDe in the Morning spoke with anonymous and found out that she is in love with her ex’s brother. She’s was so embarrassed about it that she decided to …[Listen Below]

It's Me Or The Dog

DeDe’s DM: A listener and her boyfriend have been in a serious relationship for about a year and they want to move in together. The only problem is he doesn’t her Yorkie and says she has to pick, him or my dog. DeDe in the Morning says she better…[Listen Below]

General Jeff Sessions Questioned

DeDe’s Hot Topics: Attorney General Jeff Sessions was questions by congress about the Russia and Donald Trump theories, you won’t believe his response…[Listen Below]