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Jobs Are Available

Looking for a job or know anyone who is? Here is Miss Community, Diane Gibson with the latest information on jobs in the DFW. [Listen Below]

Tamar Braxton Spills The Tea

Your girl Tamar Braxton hit the line to talk to DeDe in the Morning! She talked about her new album and even spilled tea on Dancing With the Star. Tamar Braxton said that she is tired of….[Listen Below]

When Kids Drive You Crazy

Do your kids ever drive you crazy in the car? Making loud noises, talking way to much or even singing a song way to loud. Listen to Michael Shawn’s daughters perform Beyoncé as they drove their mom crazy! [Listen Below]

3 Things Good About You

Everyone is suppose to love themselves and of course like what they are working with. What are 3 good things that you like about yourself? Dede in the Morning says she likes that she is…. [Listen Below]

Siri's Comments on "Slut Walk"

Everyone has a little something to say about Amber Rose and her Slut Walk. Some applaude it while others think it was the craziest idea in the world. Here is what Siri, who keeps it real, had to say about it. [Listen Below]

Drake x Beyonce "Can I" full version

Teased 4 months ago, the full 2minute version is here. Not much from Beyonce, just some “Can I” and “Baby” but the voice is so sexy and recognizable who gives a ____. Maybe a even longer version when Drake drops his anticipated album “Views From The 6″ this year? It’s possible.

#BigNews: Will Smith + Bad Boys + Tour + New Album

Will Smith has a new movie that is gaining attraction based on the topic “Concussions” that has dominated news around the NFL. But besides that he remixed a big record “Fiesta” by Bomba Estereo and it’s going to make a lot of noise in the latin, club and pop world. But the real big news… Read more »