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When Was Your First Kiss

Do you remember your first kiss? How old where you? Lady Jade kissed a boy in 3rd grade, can you believe that! She said it happened after…. [Listen Below]

Siri Talks Love and Life

You know that DeDe in the Morning’s Siri is gangsta! DeDe asked her iPhone some questions about love and life. Her answers are as real as it gets. One listener said she hates her mother-in-law and wants to know how to handle it. Siri told her to…. [Listen Below]

Dealing With Broke Sidechicks

Comedian Corey Holcomb stopped by DeDe in the Morning, of course making everyone laugh. You better catch him at the Addsion Improve tonight til Sunday. You know he had to talk about his side chicks. Corey has a new one but she is broke and he says that she……[Listen Below]