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Dear Dede Letter: My Girlfriend Lied About Being A...

A listener wrote Dede a letter because he’s having problems with his girlfriend who he’s been dating for over a year. He just found out that she has a second job as a stripper at Onyx. She lied and now he feels likes she’s been cheating on him. Is that cheating? (Listen Below)

Michael Shawn's Stranger Danger List [Listen Now]

Michael Shawns “Stranger Danger” list includes crime, sex and another NFL players in trouble. A man in Cedar Hill robbed a house and got caught because he fell asleep on the bed and the owner came home! (Listen Below)

Kanye West's Crazy Rules [Listen Now]

Kanye West is very controlling in his marriage to Kim Kardashian. According to a new report from the UK’s Closer, “Kanye is incredibly demanding — he has very precise standards, but if they’re not met he gets moody. He has a short fuse. He wants his music at a certain volume, insists on private lifts… Read more »

Lady Jade's Wedding Seating Chart [Listen Now]

Lady Jade is getting married in 10 days and she is finalizing her wedding seating chart. It’s like a puzzle because she can not sit her fiancés parents next to each other and had to sit them at separate tables. Also she has family members from Jamaica that don’t speak very good English and she… Read more »