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Lori The Dream Lady

Do you have reoccurring dreams? Are you falling in your dream? Is there one dream that you can’t forget? If you have any questions about dreams Lori The Dream Lady has answers for you. All dreams have meaning, it can be big or small find out what your dreams mean… Click to hear what these… Read more »

We the Worst Records presents "Lotion"

We The Worst records presents ” Lotion” this song was made for them ashy ladies. Winter is here don’t get caught by Michael Shawn with ashy skin, put the lotion on the skin before we have to hear the song again! Listen to Lotion!

Jobs Available and Votes Needed!

Jobs, jobs, jobs! The holiday season is here and companies are hiring. Find out what jobs are available, and the benefits and pay you can receive. Its time to vote, early voting has begun. If you want things to change be apart of it! Find out everything you need to know below… Click to listen

Michael Shawn says "You Doing Too Much!"

We all know someone that is doing too much, well Michal Shawn has a list to let you know “You Doing Too Much!” Someone stole $98,000 worth of… A 75 year old man was arrested after using the oldest profession… Someone smacked Bill Cosby in prison with a… Find out how these people are Doing… Read more »


Do you like movies but like your money more? Would you want to know if the movie will be worth your money? Then check out A Mexican And A Movie! Key Note will watch the movie for you and let you know how many beans (not stars) he rates it. Find out if Goosebumps 2… Read more »


Lady Jade was contacted by Dr. Tiffany Jones after DeDe in the Morning urged Lady Jade to freeze her eggs! Find out if Lady Jade is going to go through the IVF process! Listen to hear what Lady jade decided and get some great information on In Vitro Fertilization.


Lady Jade has a life changing announcement to make! DeDe in the Morning thinks it has to do something with the billionaire that offered her $70,000 to stay with him in Dubai for a week and Michael Shawn thinks she is pregnant! What do you think the big announcement is? Listen to find out about… Read more »

Yella Beezy Shot At Over A Dozen Times

News broke today that Dallas rapper, Yella Beezy, was shot early  Sunday morning while driving on the Sam Rayburn Tollway in Lewisville around 3:30am. Reports claim that another vehicle pulled up on side of him and fired over a dozen shots, and actually striking Yella Beezy three times leaving him wounded. Dallas rapper, Trap Boy… Read more »

Dallas Comedian Roy Lee Pate passes away but leave...

In the words of Roy Lee “Enjoy Life Smile Everyday”   View this post on Instagram   Man my homeboy mad cause I called the police when I got shot #enjoylifesmileeveryday hope y’all enjoy booking info (2142568151) A post shared by Comedian Roy Lee #enjoy life (@roylee_enjoylife) on Oct 11, 2018 at 12:53pm PDT