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Nicki Single and ready to mingle?!?!

I have no idea why people reacting to this now after she tweeted “SINGLE N READY TO MINGLE” in all caps on twitter back in May. Some people just need some proof. Her rumored boyfriend for what seems like a lifetime Safaree has covered up two tats of Nicki Minaj that he had on his… Read more »

What's poppin' w/ Drake's new track?

Drake’s new track got leaked!!..Check it out by clicking “play” below!!….It’s jamming!!..Plus, Wiz Khalifa is dating someone new?!..Check out who below!!

It's Mad Monday [Listen Now]

Dede was sad because her husband got admitted into the hospital over the weekend but then she got mad because he was taking advantage of the situation. He all of a sudden wanted stuff he had never had in his life like a smoothie with bananas and pomegranate and brussel sprout soup. (Listen Below)

Lady Jade's Husband And White Gary's Mama Are The ...

Lady Jade’s husband and White Gary’s mama are two of the biggest Dallas Cowboy haters. Jade and her husband made a bet and whoever lost has to cook the other a big meal. The Cowboys won so now he has to cook her a steak dinner. White Gary’s mama went off about how much she… Read more »

He finally admitted to the shooting of Tupac!

I’m a young cat, but I’ve been around some people things in the music industry for years and it’s a few names that I was told you shouldn’t mention. And one of those names is Jimmy Henchman. Now all of that has changed because he is incarcerated for running an interstate drug operation and telling… Read more »

What's poppin' w/ Lil' Wayne taking shots at his b...

Lil’ Wayne’s new track with Young Thug called Take Kare might be a diss towards his babymamas..Check it out by clicking “play” below!!..Plus, Princess Love talks about the sextape is it real and will she release it?!..Find out below!

POLICE Are Investigating UNDERAGE Teen PARTIES Hel...

POLICE are looking into whether parties that were held at Drake’s Hidden Hills Mansion and Tyga’s Calabassas Mansion were serving UNDERAGE GIRLS, as young as 16 years old alcohol. Now word on the street is that Tyga has been throwing PARTIES at his Calabassas mansion. Kylie Jenner and some of her HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS attended…. Read more »