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Siri Keeps It Real

Seriously Siri: DeDe in the Morning’s iphone is off the chain! The good thing is if you ask her a question, she will answer you with 100% honesty. [Listen Below]

Tamar and Vince 911 Call

Trouble in paradise! Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince have recently suffered from a domestic violence issue. DeDe in the Morning found the 911 call! You have to hear this. [Listen Below]

Comedian Fazion Love

The very funny Fazion Love stopped by DeDe in the Morning and revealed that he’s….[Listen Below]

Is He Really Into You

Ladies, how do you know if the guy that you’re dating is really into you. DeDe in the Morning has a few tips for you. [Listen Below]

DeDe Interviews Her Husband

DeDe in the Morning interviews her husband and things get kind of awkward. She actually learns a few things she had no clue about. [Listen Below]