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Win $1000


It’s time for the “$1000 Minute Game!” Chris from Irving tried to get all 10 questions correct but fell a little short. How much money would you have won? [Listen Below]

5 Responses to “Win $1000”

  1. Suzanna Contreras

    My dad is sick and has been off work for 2 months and needs money to pay his bills

  2. Marvin Terry

    My daughter turns 18 this October the 16 and she wants a party at a big place to throw it at I gave my nice the money 2 days ago and she won’t pay it back her birthday ๐ŸŽ‚ is coming up and she wants a mansion party and I don’t have the money yet and I need help

  3. Ethan

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  4. Joanna Larsen

    Friend of mine struggling and living hard on the street. Eddie G could really use a win. He works hard at taking care of the people around him to his own demise. I believe a 1000$ for him would give him a much needed boost and yes be shared with those around him. Making his day and Thiers. Letting him be the hero he is and doesn’t see in himself. Please consider this request he deserves more but this is all I can do ask for a favor for him. Thank you. Great day to ya.


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