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Want To Do It With DeDe?


Want to “Do It With DeDe?” Your girl DeDe in the Morning wants to hang out with you. A day filled with fun going shopping, getting your nails done or maybe hit the movies. Listeners let DeDe know what they have in mind but you won’t believe where one listener wants to take DeDe. [Listen Below]

117 Responses to “Want To Do It With DeDe?”

  1. Brittany Johnson

    We want to do with DeDe and go to the Soul circus. My kids and I would love it

  2. Jennifer Bell

    I want to do it with DeDe and take my two beautiful kids
    to Universoul Circus! We normally have a fun, adventurous summer with a list of
    things they want to do before school starts and the Circus is one of them.
    Unfortunately we haven’t got to go anywhere this summer. I’ve been struggling,
    working a lot to pay our bills. I’d like the opportunity for them to actually
    fulfil at least one thing on their list. Please do it with us DeDe!!! ( :

  3. Sommer Henry

    My family would love to do it with DeDe! We have never been to the circus and I’m sure we would have a blast! Do it with us DeDe please!!!

  4. Rachel Harrs

    I am a single mother of 3 and MY family would like to do it with DEDE. its been a struggle this for me. My oldest girls 11 and 10 and my 2yr old has never been to the SOUUULLLL CIRCUS and that would be a great back to school gift for them. They been home all summer being terriorized by their little brother. DeDe please pick our family to go to the soul circus with. We will show you how to have a Grrrreat time. (n my tony the tiger voice) LOL

  5. Chan Parks

    I want to do it with dede!! I just want to do a photo shoot with you.. it just looks so fun 🙂


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