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Trump Encourages Death Penalty


President Donald Trump wants to give the death penalty to drug dealers/users. DeDe in the Morning takes listeners comments…[Listen Below]

  • Chas Davis

    I disagree with this because he is not looking at the bigger picture. Alot of drug dealers are pushings drugs for income. Either they are felones who cant get a good paying job or someone thats fall on bad luck. Create more jobs that match the economy. Instead of building a wall to create more taxes. Take care of the homeless Vets and stop making it harder for them to fight for dissability when they come home from war or get out the Military. Provide economy matching Jobs for Vets and Felones instead of creating more debt and hardships. Also put Prayer and discipline back in schools. Like the Bible say spare the rod spoil the child. Go back to morales and values instead of society or the new trends. Like our grandparents and great grandparents had.

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