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Tim Duncan’s Wife Bought Her Stripper Boyfriend A Gym



Tim Duncan’s wife of 12-years Amy Duncan is dating a former stripper named Gil Urbano. According to HSK she reportedly bought him a gym where he poses as the owner, and she apparently is the silent owner who is known to frequent the spot. “He’s a dead beat! He was a stripper and now thinks he’s the sh*t because he teaches Brazilian fighting.” The gym is called ‘The Vessel’ aka ‘Crossfit and it opened its doors back in April 2012 around the same time Tim Duncan reportedly hired a private detective to spy on his wife. Sources say Amy who shares two kids with Duncan has been involved with Gil Urbano for about two-years. During that time, sources reveal she didn’t only use her hubby’s NBA money to fund ‘The Vessel’, she also filed for divorce from the NBA All-Star player. Here’s what a source tells The Dirty about Gil Urbano: “He’s a player and a user and that’s why his ex-wife left him! We don’t want him in San Antonio, he needs to go back to Houston where he says he’s supposedly from!”